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Aims Of The Club

The aims of the Club are to help cardiac patients and their spouses/partners to overcome the trauma of their experience and to assist them towards a useful and empowering exercise regime.  Members of the club know what it’s like to have a heart attack or cardiac surgery and they know how helpful it can be to have someone who’s “been there, done that” with whom to discuss aspects of their concern or to just simply chat.

The Phoenix Club provides this help and fellowship through its gym exercise, table-tennis, swimming, walking and bush-working  programmes which operate throughout the year. Huge benefits accrue to members who avail themselves of the opportunities offered. The programmes operating on Monday and Thursday nights in the Fraser building are supervised by trained physiotherapists and run from 7pm until 9pm.  Entrance is through the car park door just north of the overbridge on Cumberland Street.  Parking is available in the car park or on the street.
  Patients must have a referral from a doctor or cardiologist before joining the Club.  The main concern is that fitness is adequate for the exercises offered.  The small annual subscription secures membership of the Club and all the advantages offered.  Spouses/partners are welcome to participate in all activities providing that they are paid-up members and are thus covered by the Southern District Health Board’s strict criteria.

Our welcoming hosts will assign a “buddy” to each new member to show him/her the ropes for the first few nights and staff monitor progress periodically.  While many new members consider the Club to be a friendly, welcoming one, it is probably true to say that new members who are willing to exert their presence a little are more quickly assimilated into the relaxed atmosphere of the Club.  A mid-winter dinner, a golf-croquet day, a CPR night and occasional other social-type functions are features of the Club year.  A little newsletter, Heartbeat, is distributed quarterly and attempts to keep members up to speed with the latest developments in cardiac and general health matters.  A portable automatic external defibrillator is always on hand and the exercise areas are pleasantly warmed. The pool, at 36
° C, is an absolute delight.  One is reminded of the Ancient Greeks lolling about in the pleasant atmosphere!  New members are assured of a life-enhancing experience should they decide to participate in the programmes of the Club.

Experience world-wide has shown that patients who opt for and continue with a rehabilitation programme such as this, fare better in their recovery and quality of life than those who don’t.

More information is available from any member of the Club or by contacting the secretary…

Jenni Gillions: Phone: 454-3699 or E-mail:

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