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Good in the Hood Fundraising Promotion 2019
(Organised by Geoff Grenfell)

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 It’s here! We need your support!

Our Club has been selected as one of the four charities to benefit from the Z Valley's Good in the Hood programme in 2019.

This is a real coup! We raised $1,181 by our participation in the programme last year.

We have the chance to receive a share of $5,000 to be given to charities by Z Valley (Kaikorai Valley).

When customers make a purchase, they’ll be given a token to drop in the box of the charity they’d like to vote for. The total to be given to the four charities is allocated according to the number of tokens.

The more tokens, the more money!

You can help! How? By:-

·        Buying petrol and other items (how about treating the trusty steed to a car wash?) at Z Kaikorai.

·        Letting your friends and family know that the Phoenix Club can benefit by them buying stuff and dropping their tokens in our box.

·        Volunteer to Jenni or Lorraine to get on the roster to be a “Phoenix Concierge” at Z Kaikorai on the selected days.

·        Asking for tokens to vote whenever you stop at Z Kaikorai.

Remember, you can also benefit by:

·        Buying petrol on Wednesday, when Z offers a 10 cent a litre discount

·        Swiping your FlyBuys or Airpoints cards, to either “stack” or receive your own rewards.


Support the Otago Phoenix Club, so it can Support You!

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