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Annual Fees

Subscription Payments for 2019
(information from President, Russ Gillions and Treasurer, Chris Worth)

At the Annual General Meeting on Monday 3rd December 2018 a resolution was passed setting the subscriptions for the year at $50, reducible to $40 if paid by 31 March 2019. As in previous years, there are various payment options:

Payment electronically into the club bank account, Westpac, Moray Place, account number 03 0903 0382417 00.
If paying electronically I suggest you send an email to headed up Phoenix Subs with your name.
Electronic payment is the preferred method from the treasurer's point of view.

Payment can be made by cheque, made out to The Otago Phoenix Club (for Subs, Club Donations and for Ted Nye Fund Donations).
If you prefer to post a cheque, please send it to...

Chris Worth
(Treasurer - Otago Phoenix Club)
12 Crosby Street,
Dunedin 9011

Payment will be accepted by cash, but if Chris is absent from the Club, you may need to give it to the Secretary or President.
Cash payments should be in an envelope with your name on the outside.

Chris encourages members who take advantage of the early payment discount to donate the other $10 to the Club. Please specify whether the donation is for the Ted Nye Fund or for the Club General Funds

Receipts will be issued for subscription payments and donations. Remember, only the donations content of any receipt is tax deductible.

Who Pays A Fee?
Fees are due from all members regardless of whether they hold membership because they have had heart treatment or because they are the nominated support person for a member who has had such treatment. Life Members are exempt from the annual subscription but may still make donations.

Part Year Payment For New Members
If a new member joins the club part way through a year, then an adjustment is made to the fee for that year.  The adjustment is based upon the number of gym sessions missed compared to the total number of sessions in the full year.

Donations To Ted Nye Fund
Members also have the opportunity to make a donation to the Ted Nye Fund and members who do so would typically make this donation at the same time as paying their annual fee.  Money from the Ted Nye Fund is used to award, through the University of Otago, an annual prize to a student of cardiovascular medicine.

Tax Credits
Now that
The Otago Phoenix Club is a registered charity, any donation you make to the club qualifies for a tax credit. The rules for obtaining a tax credit may be found on the IRD website. Please be aware that only donations qualify. Subscriptions are not covered.